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Wapenschild Marinekazerne Vlissingen.
Wapenschild Directie Materieel Koninklijke Marine.

Naval barracks Flushing/Naval supervision Department, Royal Company "The Schelde"

From April 2, 1990 to July 1, 1996 posted at the Vlissingen Naval Barracks and assigned to the Naval Supervision at the Royal Company "De Schelde," in the position of Head of Supervision Materiel Logistics Supply M-Frigates.

Office Building Company "De Schelde".

If you are used to the meeting culture within the Navy, it is quite a shock when, as a logistician, you suddenly have to participate in large project meetings involving third parties, such as private companies like the shipyard "De Schelde", "Van Rietschoten and Houwens", "Holland Signaal" and similar large companies (all of which are now called by different names). We held those meetings, if I remember correctly, every two months either at "De Schelde" in Flushing or at ours office in The Hague. If it was held in Flushing, we went with the all project members from The Hague by train and held preliminary meetings on the way to Vlissingen.

The Wednesdays that I was in Flushing I always had a great time. I often consulted there with the yard's logistics bosses and the people from the coding department there, which was actually an advanced post of the Codification department in The Hague. But of course I also talked there with our own people and with the supply people of the approach crews for the new M frigates. Most of the warehouse managers were familiar to me because I had met them all at least once at the LOGSCHOOL in Amsterdam during their training.

I have seen all M frigates being built there from keel laying to transfer to the Navy. Furthermore, I saw the new supply ship HMS. "Amsterdam" being completed and the first ampphibious transport ship for the Marines HMS. "Rotterdam." Those were pretty tough guys compared to an M frigate. So these were built in Sloehaven, near Flushing, where "De Schelde's" new shipyard was located. These ships were too wide for the old yard and did not fit in the lock near the railroad station there.

Also in Flushing I had another instructive time and worked pleasantly with own personnel but also with the crew of the barracks and the civilians of the shipyard. And run in the crews of the new ships, especially the supply officers and chiefs of supply.

The farewell to the Navy took place in June in the longroom (officers' quarters) at Valkenburg Naval Air Base. It was a busy reception followed by dinner, a tradition in the Royal Navy. Sergeant Major Herman Gaillard said goodbye to the Navy at the same time as me. I often worked with Herman during my service.

Of course warm words were spoken between courses by my then boss the Captain at sea of administration Jos Faassen. And the head of naval supervision in Flushing the Captain lieutenant at sea of special services Coen Altena.

All in all it became an unforgettable afternoon.

Then it was over. No more getting up at ten to six o'clock to catch the train on time. That took some getting used to at first. Because out of force of habit you are always awake around six, but that subsided later.

Fortunately, I didn't fall into a hole because of the various hobbies I have. Moreover, a year later I started as a volunteer with the Pampus Fort Island Foundation. That can be seen elsewhere on this site. There I am still regularly working as a guide mentor and guide today.

HMS. "Utrecht" in the waters around Curaçao.

July 1, 1996 Functional Age Dismissal (FLO)

Farewell Royal Navy, I wish you safe sailing in these "stormy" times.

Here ends my naval time story. In the course of time there will be changes in the story or pictures will be added depending on the reactions I get through my guestbook or by mail. With several pictures I have mentioned names but there are also plenty of pictures with which I have not put names. That is simply because I cannot remember the names and perhaps the site visitor can. If so, please let me know. Or maybe you know a funny anecdote that I may have forgotten.

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I also have my Navy time story digitally in book form. Just click on the photo below.

Together with our son just after my FLO, July 1996.

Here I am with our son and if you look closely you can see my wife between us in the mirror behind us. She took the picture.

My Navy days in a nutshell.

My Navy days in a nutshell.

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My Naval Voyages

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Uitleg wapen Marinekazerne Vlissingen.
Uitleg wapen Directie Materieel Koninklijke Marine.
Performance gratification.
Company flag Royal Company "De Schelde"

Company flag Royal Company "De Schelde"

In the fall of 1991, I was awarded a performance bonus by the commander of the Flushing Marine Barracks.

On June 5, 1994, I was awarded a service time gratuity for 35 years of honorable service.

On June 5, 1994, I was awarded a service time gratuity for 35 years of honorable service.

Decree, amending zoning.

On August 1, 1992, a Royal Decree changed the designation from officer of professional services to officer of administration in the rank of lieutenant at sea 2nd class oldest category.

HMS. "Karel Doorman" was the first Multipurpose frigate to be launched.

On June 6, 1994, I turned 50 years young and was, of course, presented with an Abraham.
Baptismal Flight Certificate

On June 6, 1994, I turned 50 and of course was presented with an Abraham.

And offered by the family a glider flight over Terlet.

The accompanying batton
Certificate New Guinea Memorial Cross.
Letter offering New Guinea memorial cross.

In August 1994 I was finally awarded my New Guinea Memorial Cross and the accompanying batton. I had to wait a few years for that. Because when I returned from New Guinea with HMS. "Pelican" we were told that the material of which these decorations were made was finished. In other words, we could whistle for them.

My last registration card leave and ADV days 1996.

My latest leave card.
Farewell gift donated by Naval supervision supply staff upon my FLO.

My parting gift from the Navy supervision supply staff when I went on FLO on July 1, 1996.

Letter with excerpt from the Royal Decree of my honorable discharge.

Letter of honorable discharge.
Dinner Invitation
Dinner Invitation

Dinner Invitation

The pictures below were taken during the reception and dinner for me but also for Herman Gaillard, who was also on functional retirement. We celebrated together in the Longroom of the Valkenburg Naval Air Station.

It was a farewell to remember.

Royal Association of Naval Officers

Royal Association of Naval Officers

Badge Post Active Naval Association

Badge Post Active Naval Association

Badge General association for former and active Naval personnel.

Badge General association for former and active Naval personnel.

My Naval Voyages

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