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The Naval Barracks Amsterdam

Het wapenschild van de Marinekazerne Amsterdam.

From March 13, 1972 to May 6, 1974 I was posted to the Amsterdam Marine Barracks in charge of the administration of A and I goods at the supply office there. A-goods are articles that we ourselves were allowed to reject after use and the I-goods are not. We always had to send them to the large Naval warehouse in Den Helder for repair. I can still remember the name of a chef. That was sergeant major Potkamp. I still encounter them during the Veterans days. He is well into his eighties but is still very fully fit. My boss was the LTZSD 1 de Booy. Former war volunteer and Marine. He was a good boss and division manager for me. I also remember the names of sergeants Harry Dekker, who now lives near me and is also in his eighties. Furthermore, sergeant Cloud de Veer, corporals Ted van Dartel, Herman Tiben and Eef Limburg, and warehouse managers Jos Barbillion (I already knew him from the cruiser), Kees de Jager, Cor Paap and Rob Dessauvagie. I can't remember any more names at the moment.

During that placement period I married Agnes Hoekstra on September 27, 1972, the daughter of the major (later adjutant) writer whom I met in The Hague. Naturally, a delegation from the naval barracks was present at the wedding. It consisted of corporal Ted van Dartel, quartermaster Willem Fossen and Kees de Jager with his wife Marja.

Shortly after my wedding leave, we were already offered a home in the North of Amsterdam. But we turned it down because we thought it was too damp inside. But two months later in December we could even choose between a flat in Purmerend and a flat in Weesp. It has become the latter. We were both completely crazy about it. Within fourteen days we were moved and furnished. That was easy because we already had all the furniture and were stored at the factory where we ordered it.

My parents-in-law had to get used to not having anyone around anymore. Because despite living in, we still had a very pleasant time together there in Gouda.

Finally I could cycle to work. That was quite an experience, no longer dependent on train or bus. Both times I was posted to these Barracks I always cycled to work unless it was too dangerous in winter due to slipperiness, in which case I took the train.

On April 19, 1974, I was awarded the decoration for long, honest and loyal service in the Navy in bronze (12 years) by the commander of the Amsterdam Naval Barracks.

I served well at the Naval Barracks in those two years, and few exciting things happened there.

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Uitleg van het wapen van de Marinekazerne Amsterdam.
At the beginning of 1974, my father-in-law was sworn in at the Amsterdam Marine Barracks as Lieutenant of the 2nd class.

At the beginning of 1974, my father-in-law was sworn in at the Amsterdam Naval Barracks as Lieutenant of the 2nd class.

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