My Navy Time 10

Naval Training Camp Hilversum

Wapenschild MOK-Hilversum.

From May 6, 1974 to November 10, 1975 posted to the Marine-OpopleidingsKamp Hilversum, Central warehouse, and for following the application course warehouse manager MLD (Marine LuchtvaartDienst) from September 1, 1975 to November 10, 1975. Before I entered the MLD course I was warehouse manager at the Marinekamp. My boss was the LTZA L. Vernie. The names of the major and sergeant escape me. Jan Krop was also a corporal and had an office position. I had the warehouse manager first class Gerrit Stoffelen working with me and the militiaman (conscripts) warehouse manager Jakobs. Corporal Eef van Heesik joined later. During that period I went with him to the engagement of the warehouse manager Jacobs in Hoensbroek. It was nice there. In that period I was the "baksmeester" of the logistics part of the permanent crew. That meant that you have to show up every day in the morning on a bin-by-roll (roll-call) and pass on the details of your "bak" to the manager. So I was sometimes the loser when a parade had to be walked on the parade ground. Then I was platoon commander. This happened on the occasion of Queen's Day or at a parent's day for the permanent crew.

(For explanation "bak" and "baksmeester" see here.) 

On June 6 of this year I became the father of a healthy son, Fabian. Who would later also go to the navy.

In the Naval Aviation Service (NAS) course we were trained to also function within the supply of the NAS. There the supply system works very differently from the fleet and the other shore units. This all has to do with flight safety and is therefore directly linked to maintenance on the aircraft. Here your boss did not become a supply officer, but an officer of the flight technical service in the position of chief maintenance of an aircraft squadron. We, as suppliers, had to be accountable to that. Most colleagues from the course were hesitant and didn't like it. I must admit the course was tough. But looking back I learned a lot from it, especially because I was to be placed with aircraft squadron 320 immediately after the course. As far as I can remember, the instructors were sergeants Giel Rijst and Gerard de Bruin.

I have gained a lot of aeronautical publication knowledge. And my "predilection" for the planes and flying originated there.

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Uitleg van het wapen van het MOK- Hilversum

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