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(40) 15-03-2024 17:46

Stoker Olieman commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Stoker Olieman

What a óntremely nice docu. We sailed together on the Zeven Provinciën from 1968 to 1970. I came aboard as baroe"" in December 1969 and recognize the voyages to Puerto Rico, Sevilla, Cadiz, Casablanca. Also the other ports and nice pictures "flew" back into my memory as it were. Thanks for sharing this nice memory .

(39) 29-02-2024 10:29

Bob Kuiper commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Bob Kuiper

Hi Peter. I came across your film by accident last night. We made the trip to the West together in 1978. I was seiner telexist. What a great reference work. Well done

(38) 17-02-2024 23:40

Hans Andriesse commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Hans Andriesse

I was with the Marines. first to Doorn in 1959, liaison school in Amsterdam to learn morce code and then to New Guinea, Kaimana and Manokwari until the end of 1960.nice film.Thank you.

(37) 15-02-2024 22:12

A. Alphonse commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

A. Alphonse

What a nice film about your career in the Royal Navy. At 47:57 the Scottish national anthem 1st verse: O flower of Scotland When will we see Your like again That fought and died for Your wee bit hill and glen And stood against him Proud Edward's army And send them homewards To think again By the way, I enjoyed the chosen music throughout the film.

(36) 21-01-2024 13:21

Michael Woldringh commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Great time and a great career. Seen a lot, many can't tell you that.

(35) 11-12-2023 00:03

Arnold Goudkamp commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Arnold Goudkamp

What a great career. My father was a marine in 61/62 and deployed to Dutch New Guinea and I served as a stoker in the mine service from 92 to 96. Hr.Ms. Ommen. Hr.Ms. Sittard and Hr.Ms. Alkmaar. Proud of the Navy

(34) 25-11-2023 21:02

Ben Driehuis commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Thank you for this look back at your Navy days. I am also a one a former Navy man. 1959 - 1965. Many areas of recognition from that time. After my opinion a sincerely beautiful account. All the best to you and thanks again.

(33) 31-10-2023 19:26

watwillen wijnogmeer commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Nice compilation Peter. Lots of recognition. Left the Navy myself as a sergeant gunner WDW in 1984. Served from 1970 onwards. Thanks for your nice film.

(32) 11-10-2023 21:01

Dick Hakvoort commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Nice film .I myself spent 4 years at the Seven from about 68 to 73

(31) 10-5-2023 23:05

Frank Murphy commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Enjoyed watching the film! Nice account of a life in the Navy and the music was also enjoyable to listen to. All the best to you!!! hgr Gerard from Hoogeveen

(30) 18-4-2023 15:29

Thomas Hagedorn commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

A very nice video from a real sailor ! It brings back your own memories when you see this film of your navy days ! TopGreetings from a minesweeper (FGS. M1081 Konstanz)-driver

(29) 9-4-2023 02:38

Moalleboanne wrote:

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Hereby I would like to thank you for the beautiful and fascinating film about your naval time , You have seen and experienced a lot and had a beautiful and fascinating career in the KM. Greetings from a former scout( 80s and 90s ) of the 103rd Verk Bat in Seedorf.

(28) 15-02-2023 14:15

Sven Rhys commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

A wonderful piece of history from your life documented with the utmost care. Thank you very much.

(27) 5-01-2023 00:16

Peter Jansen commented on your video

New Guinea 1962

Wonderfull you share this moviespecial for old geeks like me mach1 oilman

(26) Wed Dec 7, 2022 22:22

John Mc Clane commented on your video

My Navy time 1960 -1996

Wooden boats steel men. Unfortunately no mine service, too bad. Nice film though and a respectful naval experience.

(25) so 2 Oct 2022 18:15

Sjaak Grinwis commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Enjoyed this photo/film reportage, did sail all my life, but on inland waterways and after retirement spent 8 years as a volunteer on the "Eendracht" so also made nice trips, including to the Carib. Otherwise, I have nothing to do with the Navy, not even having been in "Service". But again, nice images, with especially good supporting music choice!

(24) do 29 Sep 2022 21:11

Ronnie Jansen commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

What a beautiful life and career you have had.

(23) so 25 Sep 2022 15:27

The lord sir commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Mr Claesen. What a wonderful film. Very nice. I also served in the Navy before my number. I sailed on the Hr.Ms. Piet Heyn F 811 from 1982-1983 as a washer Special Services. A great film. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

(22) so 25 Sep 2022 14:19

Arjen and Silvia Smits commented on your video
The Antilles voyage in 1978 16 9 v4

The Navy's most beautiful ships The A and B Destroyers

(21) do 22 Sep 2022 14:46

Peter de Langen commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Lots of recognition in the HrMs Utrecht period was the youngest sailor who had to paint the nose blue.

(20) di 20 Sep 2022 10:39

Arjen and Silvia Smits commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Wonderful video. I did get judged in Hollandse Rading. Had a great time too.

(19) Mon 19 Sep 2022 20:52

Postma himself commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

What a wonderful Navy time you had.

(18) so 18 Sep 2022 14:29

Spanie commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

How wonderfully simple life was back then. Homesick (navy reservist)

(17) Sat Sep 17 2022 20:27

Willy Theunissen commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

What a wonderful story I enjoyed it very much I did a lot of towing on the Pelican , which was in preservation in 1964, on the other side of the jetty was the Woendie which then served as a warehouse you might know . We often practised with a tow-rope because when the Russians would come, the Woendie was towed to England.

(16) do 15 Sep 2022 04:37

John Grothues commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Fantastic story and great career. When I was 16 inspected in Hollandische Rading for the Logistic Service. Coming from the east was quite an experience then. Was advised to do the examination again a year later but then went to study graphics.... Unfortunately.

(15) do 8 Sep 2022 16:56

Henk van Persie commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Thank you for this beautiful story.

(14) di 6 Sep 2022 11:31

Peter Jansen commented on your video
The Antilles voyage in 1978 16 9 v4

1970 to 1972 my home port on the HRMS time of my life 2 years Willemstad.

(13) Sat Sep 3, 2022 21:58

Alex Rühland commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Nothing special

(12) di 23 Aug 2022 17:38

Samuel Schut commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

I recognise you idd bit

(11) Fri 19 Aug 2022 19:30

Thebbe Habstra commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

What a fantastic video!!! Been KMR myself, barge 92-3. Served in Law Department at Admiralty. Few rooms away from Commander-in-Chief of Naval Forces who could always appreciate our humour. Did great things as a result. Arranged the Admiral for us. Unfortunately, KM does not treat their reservists/ambassadors very well. Around 2007, I was told in a short note that I was no longer part of the KM. I then had myself converted to a Cavalry Officer and continued to ride along behind the Golden Carriage on Princes Day for years. But I still belong to the KM. One thing, and you are not the only one. The rank LTZ 2 jc does not exist. It is LTZ 2, the subsequent rank is LTZ 2 OC. I am LTZ 2 and unfortunately will remain so. I enjoyed your video and think it is clever how you turned it into a story. I should really say "you", but allow me to share: GO AHEAD! Gr. LTZ 2 Reddingius at Rotterdam.

(10) Fri 19 Aug 2022 13:03

A Dijkstra commented on your video
The Antilles voyage in 1978 16 9 v4

Those are always nice images of west trip I went to the West with Drenthe in also on YouTube Gr Andre ut Burgum

(9) di 16 Aug 2022 23:02

David Prins commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

HUGE old tiger. I work at SWS (sensor guided weapons systems) mark 48 torpedo and Harpoon launcher Walrus class. Proud of your generation.

(8) Sat Aug 13, 2022 14:05

Peter de Langen commented on your video
The Antilles voyage in 1978 16 9 v4

I was the youngest sailor on board during this voyage what fun to come across this film.

(7) Sat Aug 13, 2022 06:29

Peter-Paul Solkesz commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Woke up early (as always) and spent an hour watching your fascinating career. Lots of recognition from the stories and images from my father's time in the fleet and my own time in the Corps. Nostalgia too and then you realise that time goes tremendously fast and everything is fleeting. Thanks for a fat hour of entertainment!

(6) Wed Aug 10, 2022 15:08

Peter Jansen commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Nice film Peter,myself mach1 oilman 1967-73.further in merchant marine as wtk worldwide. Now live in Australia.(with a solar cap)

(5) Sat Aug 6, 2022 18:02

Peter Jan Rouw commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Wonderful story and report Peter, thank you very much for this, I enjoyed it.

(4) do 28 Jul 2022 04:13

Christopher commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

From 1968 till 1972. This brings back a lot of memories . Thank you

(3) Fri Jul 22, 2022 14:16

Cees van Vliet Zanen commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996

Dear Peter, a fascinating look at so many years of the Navy. Enjoyed watching, only the picture change is a bit fast you have to read the text quickly. Sometimes too fast for me? Was in the navy from 1956 to 1964 but haven't come across you. Not surprising of course as the navy was bigger than now. Thanks Peter.

(2) Sat Jul 16, 2022 22:15

V DV commented on your video
My Navy time 1960 -1996


(1) Sat Jul 9, 2022 12:25 pm

Arend commented on your video,
My Navy Time 1960 -1996

When you see all those minesweepers lying around and right now we have 5 of them......

Comments about this website

(41) 23-02-2024 05:00

Hans Andriesse wrote:

Greetings from Canada. wonderful website. I also spent time in the naval barracks in Amsterdam learning morce code before I was deployed to New Guinea (Kaimana).in 1960. The fleet came there then too, even the Karel Doorman, where I was allowed to go to buy cheap cigarettes. Nice time was and the first week on Biak well burned in the sun. I'm sure you have good memories too.

Take care,


(40) 19-05-2023 14:44

René Audier wrote:

Hello Peter,

Nice site and nice story of the Westterm in 1978. I am still in a photo in the corporal's quarters during your promotion.

I was corporal seiner-telexist, my colleague Gerrit de Bruijn.

Happy trip with good crew.

Greetings René

(39) 28-11-2022 16:00

Henk Graat wrote:

Served Oct 1957 on the seven.1958 Hr Ms Gelderland A hunter.1959 fort Erfprins-opl fire control constable rap v 1 and rap v 2.1960 Hr Ms Karel voyage of 8 months 1961 deployment the west on Hr Ms van Amstel dec 1961 per to Holland via KLM. jan 1962 opl kplvluurleidinconstabel May 62 with Hr Ms Overijssel to New Guinea.

(38) 12-10-2022 14:41

Good afternoon Mr Claesen,

Of course I also took a moment to visit your website. Very nicely documented and what strikes me is that you joined the Navy from 1960 and this is about the same time my father Reinier Adriaensen also joined the Navy. My father was a corporal in the anti-submarine force and flew with the Sikorsky S-58. Like you, he is a New Guinea veteran. Chances are slim that you know him, but he played accordion in a navy band the soot tootsetters. My father left the Navy in 1967.

All the best to you.

Kind regards,

Captain Reinier.C.A. Adriaensen, Ing. BASc
Coordinator Veterans and Postactives CLSK

(37) 5-10-2022 19:00

Dear Peter

My name is José Nico and I´m a former pilot of the Portugueses Air Force.

It was a great surprise to me to see in your site the picture of a portuguese Neptune serial 4701. This aircraft was involved in the rescue of a dutch pilot flying a Gloster Meteor NF.14 inbound to the Island of Sal, in Cape Vert, at that time portuguese territory. His name was Peter Matteus.

He didn´t have enough fuel for the trip and had to leave the aircraft over the Atlantic 90 NM North of Sal. Date was 29OCT1969.

The 4701 was stationed at Sal on that day and was tasked for a SAR mission in support of Peter Matteus.

Luckly he was found on the second day and a dutch ship in the atea was diverted to take him out of the water. Then he was disembarked at Sal where he joined the Neptune crew for many drinks.

I´ve been writing this episode but didn´t have a picture of the Neptune 4701.

Therefore I ask you permission to use the picture and also I need the date you made it at Montijo.

Many thanks in advance

Yours sincerely

José Nico

(36) 11-8-2021 14:31

Dik Westerhof wrote:

Hello "chief* Mining Service( Mag B) was surfing and came across your site via facebook hearty fun. regards

(35) 7-8-2021 14:45

Karen wrote:

It seems to be working. Nice site though.

(34) 30-12-2020 12:27

Paul wrote:

Hello Peter,
I would like to email you a question about your information board with the concrete bomb.

(33) 23-12-2020 18:39

Koos Vos wrote:

Hello Peter,
Out of nostalgia, I started googling about my naval service. Then came across this site. Was an OS&O officer in Hellevoetsluis for 4 months in 1967, with an office next to the tailor.
Had nothing to do while waiting for end of service.
To my surprise, I also saw myself, viz. when thanking singer Conny Vink (during the celebration of 60 years of Mining Service) and when receiving St Nicholas.
Christmas 1967 I was also on duty. Nice dinner. Had also invited my fiancée then; she stayed overnight with a lady in Hellevoetsluis (that's how it went then). We then got married in May (in Hengelo). There, 2 more people from the barracks were at the reception; ARO Korthals and LTZSD2 Westenbrink.
Things that still stick with me:
- party 60 years of Mine Service (with incendiary sets)
- morning roll call
- test panel of commander Wirth
- the shed where I could patch up my Beetle
- the enormous distance from Hengelo to Hellevoetsluis
Now I look back with great pleasure on this rather nice time.
Best regards, Koos Vos (LTZSD2 jc KMR)

(32) 23-11-2020 12:18

F .J.Stols wrote:

Dear Peter Claesen, A long time ago - following the comprehensive ebsite, especially about Hr.Ms. Pelikaan - we already had contact. Once I also had all my old cine films digitised,. That includes gragmenetn of the pelican: spring '62 to December. If there would be a need for that. I can copy that and send it (WeTransfer?) Quality is poor, as the films have been in a burning house in 1964.Not very suitable for the website. By the way: nice career with all those awards! .m.v.g. F.J.Stols LtzAr 2 OC KMR.94896....

(31) 15-01-2019 12:08

Kees van Beurden wrote:

Great times have been Piet v d Wielen Leen Verbrugge Toeles
Jopie Zuidweg Diver Jan Timmermans Tailor
KPL Piet 't Mannetje and Gr Kees v Beurden

(30) 08-04-2018 19:41

Johan van Haren wrote:

Dear Peter
Nice your site I also knew you
Enlisted in Aug 1961 also 16 years old as a machinist after training in 1962 A/B Hr.Ms.De Ruyter
In april 1964 the divers training till may 1965
Then training as Cpl machinist in Amsterdam until the end of 1966 and then placed on Hr.Ms.De Zeven Provincien
I also experienced the voyage to America and the Antilles as a Cpl machinist. I also had a cabin but there were still 162 men at Friesland and that was the biggest cabin.
I look forward to your response.

(29) 11-03-2018 21:40

Eelco jan velema wrote:

Dear Peter,

I lived at seaside resort jan thiel 30 years ago.
Currently I am here again and am amazed at how little I still recognise.
On your site I come across a photo just before you start filming.
Now I am very curious as to whether that film is still there and whether it is possible to see it.
I am looking forward to your response.

Kind regards
Eelco Jan Velema

(28) 18-12-2017 12:26

Cor and Olga wrote:

Hey Peter nice to see your site.
greetings from bergen op zoom....

(27) 29-09-2017 20:04

Martine Duinsbergen wrote:

Dear Mr Claesen,

Let me introduce myself. I am Martine Duinsbergen (37years)the daughter of Jan Duinsbergen with whom in your story you worked in Valkenburg in 1977. My father Jan sadly passed away in 1994 on his last trip on the Piet Heijn on the way back in Barcelona. Even after all these years, I am still searching the internet for what he did and or about the navy and Valkenburg airport. I used to go with him often in the holidays to the Airfield.
I wanted to tell you that you wrote a nice story about the navy time and certainly nice to read my father's name in it again.

Kind regards,
Martine Duinsbergen

(26) 22-09-2015 21:57

CPJ Bleijendaal wrote:

Mr Claesen, I have three photos for you showing Evert van Dijk, Rob Visee and Karel Bleijendaal. If you are interested, please send me your e-mail address to send these photos.

Kindly accept.

(25) 18-08-2015 19:58

Frans van der Heide wrote:

Dear Peter.
By chance I came across this site. I made the same voyage with you. On that trip I was sgt and chief boiler room together with Ronald van den Heuvel and Fred lambour. We are still in one of your photos. Maybe you can remember us.

Kind regards.


(24) 02-03-2015 15:34

Bert Venema wrote:

Hi Peter, nicely done and a nice overview of the boss' career. Still think back to logistics school with nostalgia now and then. And also our train journeys to The Hague in the morning with a compartment full of soldiers. Greetings Bert Venema

(23) 19 June 2014 17:41

Gerard Hagedoorn wrote:

"Dear Peter,

I am 68 years old and served in the navy from Feb 1964 to Feb 1970, I am now making my story about the time in the navy and for that I searched the internet so I came across your site.

Nice to read all the stories from others who responded about the time they served on the Seven Provinces, myself from 14 October 1968 to 19 January 1970.

While looking at your photos, I came across myself (Stavanger) on the stairs where the landing detachment boards the sloop that brought you ashore for the march, the young man in navy blue is me because I was a sloop driver in those days, great job always being the first one ashore for all kinds of things like getting mail etc.

I still have a bit to say about my time in the navy but your story makes it more and more complete.

Gerard Hagedoorn Mach 1 navy no 17614"

(22) 26 January 2014 17:12

Rinus Ontijd wrote:

"Dear Peter,

I was musing a bit about the pelican and I was looking up the navy site I didn't know exactly what the ship looked like, then I came across your section what an experience that was super , I can still remember you when I saw that photo , I am also 69 years old now , I am in the first photo with ted haitsma I am sitting in front opposite him, I was also a machinist and was friends with ted for a long time , I still work as a refrigeration mechanic .

The machinist sitting next to Ted died years ago, I am getting

emotional about this reunion.

I am still continuing this there is work to be done.

yours sincerely,

rinus ontijd"

(21) 21 December 2013 04:47

H.J. van Kasteel wrote:

"Hi Peter, have visited your site and recognised many names, including that of one Cor Paap, I think it was a baking buddy of mine and was from Alkmaar, SGT Dekker, Dessauvagie, LTZ de Booij, Tiben, who did figure skating I seem to remember and Ted Dartel, Kees de Jager, Jos Barbillion, first classmen from those days Peter Smits, me, I even sat opposite you with the R/N bins, I also remember one Dikkie Honing milicien from Amsterdam, and I also had Rob Kreuts as Chief there. I even remember the gardener Dirk. Greetings from Pattaya, Thailand Hans (formerly Guus, that is)".

(20) 7 December 2013 19:01

Daddy wrote:

"Bye Peter,

In the first paragraph regarding the Navy you mention Cor Paap. Wondering if it is my father. If so, I have books full of photos, dias etc. Is see if we can find out. Would love to hear from you.


Robin Paap."

(19) 12 September 2013 16:33

Huib van Weelde wrote:

"Good day, I read that you sailed under my Uncle Huib van Weelde and in doing so saw a photo of him on the 7 Provinces. Beautiful cruiser. I got to celebrate my 9th birthday on board with 9 friends in Den Helder in Den Helder. 1968 was that... Never to be forgotten.... Do you happen to have any more photos of my uncle in your possession? Gr Huib van Weelde.


(18) 2 May 2013 18:34

Paul Korte wrote:

"Dear Peter,

Thank you for bringing back my memories. Visiting your site, I read that you had sailed on the Seven in the exact same period as me and therefore experienced exactly the same thing. The fort at Puerto Rico was El Moro. The natural bridge collapsed and so did I almost last year. Fortunately, I am still there but had lost some memory and dating. What was striking was that I too was in the landing detachment Marines and was assigned as a liaison officer with angry niner(liaison box on your back) and therefore had no rifle but a pistol. I do remember the incident with the sheep. I also remember the time in Scotland near Cape Wrath where the 15 cm could shoot in. Incredibly humid and cold. In Stavanger, we missed the sloop back because it couldn't get back to the ship due to dense fog. Then spent the night in a phone box or rather sphere.

Unfortunately, I hardly took any photos of my time on the Seven, which I boarded when the conversion was in full swing in Rotterdam.

Should you possibly have any photos of the time in the West and Casablanca and Ceuta, I'd like to be recommended. What I miss in your story is the incredible storm we had off the coast of America where the ship was pretty much demolished and the block radar broke off and tipped into the sea which prevented us from capsizing because we were top heavy and the Guided Weapons radar was therefore secured with shear bolts.These were supposed to break at 15 degrees of heel, which of course they promptly failed to do, so I did have a bit of a squeak on the bridge.

Will just conclude what more and more memories are starting to bubble up.

Anyway thanks for bringing back the memories.

snrt 1 Paul Korte navy no 16193"

(17) 1 May 2013 13:33

Jan de Bruijn wrote:

"Dear Peter,

First of all my compliments for your beautiful site.

By searching for my naval past I came upon it.

Immediately after my training as a sailor (milicien)left with Hr.Ms.Friesland to NNG.

There I was transferred to Hr.Ms.Pelikaan where I also sailed at home.

Then worked in the mineservice at the outer harbour conservation.

With kind regards,

Jan de Bruijn"

(16) 8 March 2013 23:51

Rob Mes wrote:

"Hello Peter,

By chance I came across your website and enjoyed your story about your naval days.

I myself have been out of service since 1990 because the future prospects were getting worse. Sometimes I think back with nostalgia.

After my Navy period, I joined GTI in Rotterdam as head of warehouse and then took the NEVI courses to become a buyer. Now (after almost 20 years as a buyer) I have specialised in SAP software and support and advise the purchasing department.

Regards Rob Mes"

(15) 3 March 2013 16:11

Willem Kooijman wrote:

"Hello Peter,

Read and viewed your site with great interest and pleasure, many names I also knew personally.

Will there be a sequel?

I myself resigned 3 years earlier in 1993 (80 per cent scheme) as SMJRLDGB, and went on FLO in 1996, and have been living in Spain ever since.

All the best to you and see you soon."

(14) 2 February 2013 17:51

Peter Geerlings wrote:

"What a great site and very informative. I myself am in the process of writing a book about my father, HF Geerlings. He was toelis and left the KM in 1994 as LTZA 2 OC. Perhaps you knew him. I am going to dig out your website more and use information for my book and website:,


Peter Geerlngs"

(13) 27 November 2012 17:08

Sip and Sjoerdtje Hoekstra wrote:

"Dear Peter and Agnes. First time on the internet. I thought to myself I'm going to have a look at your sites, well it looks fantastic! Definitely going to read your travel reports again. How are you? everything is fine with us. regards from both of us".

(12) 20 November 2012 12:39

Annemieke Cazant wrote:

"Hi Peter, I was pointed to this site. Nice to read your name. Was also a very nice time. I learnt a lot there and provisioning has always remained my favourite part. Hope all is well with you. Greetings, Annemieke"

(11) 22 October 2012 21:30

Paul Klok wrote:

"Hello Peter,

What a nice site. I enjoyed reading about your service in the Navy.

Presumably we must know each other too. I myself served as a VGMRA at VSQ 320 from 1972 tem 1977. My memory fails me for a moment.

Gr Paul Klok"

(10) 23 January 2012 18:15

Cor Hopmans wrote:

"Please contact me Cor Hopmans Tel 0164249758"

(9) 26 July 2011 12:05

Bert van der Jagt wrote:

"Hello Peter,

Found your website by chance, and read it..You have to do something in ship time. Enjoyed it. Despite my slightly younger age, still read several familiar names, which is quite entertaining.

See you at the next reunion, although that will be a while in coming.


Bert van der Jagt.

PS: still in active service, but not for very long...."

(8) 29 June 2011 19:29

Louis van Leeuwen wrote:

"I can still remember you from the pelican,the last 2 photos in our (home port)Hollandia were of my hand.I worked with kpl Wollenberg and Dora in the cold store and BB boiler room and Engine room As you may remember the dog of schele Leen sbn stayed behind in Naples.

I was also on the WvdZ cons minesweepers. For my 2nd class I had to sail on the Naaldwijk, chief MK was Serg Hoonderd.

Gr. Louis"

(7) 29 December 2010 15:27

Karel Bleijendaal wrote:

"I can still remember you well, together with the others on the "Seven". For years I have been registered with the site "Dienstmakkers".

Rinus was still 1st class at the time I came on board, three months later he became a corporal. Later, I transferred to the "Woendie" and the "Pelican". I still occasionally bump into Rinus because we both live in Heemskerk. I had already read about you on the "Dienstmakkers" site. Maybe we'll see each other again. The site is great.

(6) 16 October 2010 12:26

Marigje wrote:

"Dear Peter and Agnes,

just read on,nice to read all those

stories, because when you still lived at home

we were too busy being teenagers to listen to your stories.

I think,

at least now I'm reading a very different Peter

than the one I remember as a child.

Love greetings x x x x Marigje''

(5) September 3, 2010 6:42 pm

Marigje wrote:

"Dear Peter and Agnes,

What a wonderful site it has become,

have just been reading "my navy time"

was wonderful look forward to the sequel,

love, regards Marigje".

(4) 8 May 2010 19:14

Ronny Claesen wrote:

''hi Peter and Agnes

I just had a quick look at this beautiful site of yours.

and I say hats off to you .

It looks really beautiful.

Beautiful cards and about the painting I have only one thing to say I hope one day I will be able to do it as well.

Keep up the good work

Greetings Ronny

(3) Name: Willem Zwart



Hi Peter and Agnes, immediately checked out your site and hats off.


I will keep in touch.


(2) Name: Jos Pilmeijer



Hi Peter and Agnes,

(1) Am curious to see if it works out.

Nice website from both of you.

Greetings Jos and Riet

© 2000 PCL